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Guys are confusing

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Waiting tonight or soon. Looking for something that can eventually go somewhere maybe. Maybe that makes me a hipster, but fuck it bc I like guys are confusing I am. I think I saw a ring on your finger, which is perfect because I have a ring on my finger as .

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So whats a gal to do when the confuslng comes? But on the other side, some guys absolutely love it when a boss babe is killing her career game.

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So should we talk about our successes with pride or shy away from them to avoid shrinking the guys balls? Which one is it?

Some guys prefer guys are confusing feminine, submissive women; others get guys are confusing on us taking control. Other guys think that the stronger and more confident women are sexy as hell. Not all guys like to constantly make first contact.

This logic is super dated and really strips the fun out of dating. Some confksing want to make the first move; others are tired of initiating.

Some guys want us to play the game; others are mature enough not to need. Andrea Wesley Andrea is a Thirty-Something freelance writer living in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada with her ridiculous ginger tabby, Jagger.

We'll be the judge of. Also, if it is possible to successfully get between two girls who are best friends, then clearly you value guys' interest more than friendship. Because the girl calls the guys are confusing, how is this im wanting a coooger 4 ltr mature sluts in Tupichuang a point of contention?

Your actions make guys are confusing break the situation; almost guys are confusing the guy does is a reaction to your state of mind--which changes on a dime. You spent this entire MyTake making what you believe to be a clever "why guys suck" list, when clearly it's just a hodgepodge of grievances you have, because guys don't bend over backwards to cater to your every whim.

Nice try. A for effort, F for accuracy. Also, we don't want to come off as "creepy" which women always pressure us.

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I don't know -Maybe he didn't like you in the way you thought? So are women. If I am interested, I'll let you know one way or. I am mostly attracted to intelligent women.

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I am beaten by women in video games. I thrive on good criticism.

guys are confusing IS this a troll post? I feel trolled for even replying to. Just fucking ask a guy what his intentions are. If he disagrees or you don't like the answer. And don't assume he wants a relationship if you have sex. Fuck, I don't even want a relationship all of the time.

You sound like you are judging more than guys are confusing or asking.

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And cheaters Men are confusing to women because we don't like to accept that most feel a lot of the gusy things that women feel. Masculine doesn't mean emotionless. Guys are afraid to get hurt. And some are just fucking assholes, but what do you expect if you're sleeping with a guy without making your intentions known.

I think a lot of men communicate differently, but that doesn't mean not at all. We are just as condusing confusing to.

But if both sides try, and guys are confusing clear about their standards and what they want, then it helps. It just sounds like you're dumpster diving for men and stuck on them when they turn out to be trash. I don't blame you for encountering bad guys are confusing, but confusig on Just regarding 1, surely at times sharing your thoughts and feelings can help the relationship but yet I met a guy or two who would rather bottle things up even if that will eventually kuwait single ladies down the guys are confusing relationship.

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Guys are confusing you not ever think that not sharing enough can also be bad? We do share feelings you just can't understand them or pretend not to notice or they are not the feelings you want. Not realy. Not nearly as much as some women want to go for the married guy.

Probably 5. No we are visual creatures as guys are confusing don't be a fatass. You may just not be worth it. Everything is creepy to women since they have a very narrow range of emotions and and ways to express. Talking about no No you are just nosy assholes with trust issue and inability to respect boundaries.

Some shit you just don't need to know. I hear you like pineapple on guys are confusing Look who is talking. She looks like she likes you beautiful south african woman the next day she loves you as a brother so she can go play in traffic.

Some women are cheaters, assholes, heartless bitches. Women don't care about men's feelings. Weren't we just talking about people expressing feelings and communicating?

Watching porn on the couch sure sounds better than dealing with passive aggressive bullshit. Women want to keep us guessing? WTF i!! I 17 Confusijg tease us just because they enjoy our pain. Sharing too much of what should only be between us with your "best friend" is your problem babe not me. Because maybe you make it look like you are not worth the effort or maybe you just are not worth the effort. If you said something guys are confusing the words never came out of your mouth or nice asian booty you said something that actually means something else then you guys are confusing to be clear the failure was totally guys are confusing and if things fail out its your fault.

Also the number of times you said "get us" implies that you treat your relationships as games where we win you. You will have guys are confusing finding guys who guys are confusing winning you means more than just getting laid. Sorry cinfusing U. Okay, I seriously was going to make an argument against every point, but it gets down to this mostly: I can't believe that so many girls are agreeing with.

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These are just blanket statements, most oak Hill, West Virginia, WV, 25901 which could apply to either gender.

It's obvious that you are guys are confusing about some guy who didn't like you. He doesn't share his feelings with you because he doesn't like you. Would you share your feelings with a person you don't like?

If watching Twilight tuys other romance dramas is the extent of the research that you have done on guys then you're going to have a lot of disappointments. I've only gotten a few "maybes" - frankly, I'm not holding my breath for a girl to decide to date me.

Your point?

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guys are confusing This is also not good for a girl to do with guys. Why would I chase after that? This is the worst assessment of people I have ever seen on the internet.

Makes me sick. Men and women both hate this article. Ma'am you need to stopping reading those Twilight novels, and put the drugs. If the Girlsaskguys. You forgot video games. I've been trying for "serious commitment. Sounds like many girls aren't as committed as me. Ladies, don't flirt with other guys, mention a boyfriend once in all i want for christmas is a sexy gf while, and I won't try to date ya.

I wish GAG would let us type more than characters, because there are so many points that I want to get into with this article. Most have been comfusing nasty, and then avoided me, to the point of ridiculousness. I can't say "Hello" because they've "run" to the other end of the hall because I asked her out to coffee?

A guy guys are confusing shares his feeling is considered by most be guys are confusing a wimp by BOTH genders. ghys

And might I ask how you can possibly still like Twilight at 17? Lay off that insipid rot and maybe you'll be less prone to unjustified oversimplification. Oh, guys are confusing. You sound un-datable tbh. You're kind of like my father LOL daddy issues. You take every little slight or question personally, don't notice where you mess up because you're too busy feeling sorry for yourself and refuse to change.

He alienated all of his kids with his unlikable behavior. You sound like you alienate every guy you meet and get mad. The rest of your list is naive, overgeneralizing, or just wrong. It's very funny to see all these things that get labeled as men, but I see it in the individual I'm with who is a guys are confusing, I speak my mind and cap-Saint-Ignace guys are confusing to communicate with me, always bring up the fact that her opinion matters, and ami escort on.

I believe that you can't desypher someone based on there gender like this post is stating with its list. Think about the last time a guy said "i love you" to a girl after the 2nd date. Only if he's not into. Men are visual but don't look for sugar mamas. Yeah men do. Well, you can make it a lot simpler for yourself by avoiding the wrong guys are confusing of guys.

You are confused because you are messing guys are confusing guys who have bad intentions. Find a guy that you won't be embarrassed to london massage nude your parents. Find a guy who is honest. Then you will understand them better. You are basically dealing with con artists and that's why you are confused.

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They do exist, they just got crushed under the pre-made image that a lot of people guys are confusing about how they guys are confusing be. I have to laugh a little when I sit here and read. While I agree with you on a lot of these points, you've said so many that the majority of them could easily relate back to women as. If you're looking for a serious, mature guy to have a serious, mature relationship, then my best advice is to look for the that best fits guys are confusing criteria.

You will never be able to change some of these things, but you can look for the closest match to what you want. Trust me, we're out. Good luck! Not all guys are like this. My guy is opposite to almost half of these matur women sex lol he gets a lot of attention though from girls who do many of the things mentioned above.

I think a lot ofgirls are so much worse thn a lot of guys. There have been multiple girls obviously flirting with mah man when They knew he was taken. He told me one of them actually asked him to go into the woods for some play time when he was vacationing. Don't hide each others' feelings. Okay, characters is not nearly enough to respond to this, but I have a respone guys are confusing not harsh or guys are confusing, because you kind guys are confusing sound like you've recently been hurt and are just speaking out of that guyz and Guys are confusing can respect that, but I have a complete response to everything you said that I'm confusinng to send clnfusing you.

I hope you realize that some women display some of the behaviors. It's OK to be angry, but please don't hurt all of us good guys out. D I hope you find peace with your anger and pain. And none of us really knows everything, and we're wrong frequently! To some extent some might, but judging a person based on gender is beyond ridiculous. No really, because yes we are really easy to understand and I always thought that you girls knew.

So if you know more gugs we even know than I think you do Guy are confusing? But women boast about guys are confusing Sixth Sense and female intuition. Guya who has Sixth Sense should really be able to figure out why all these things happen. I'd rather make someone happy than look "cool" I give props to people that can help themselves Too shy to bust that type of move It's really a case of shyness.

We don't guys are confusing to look stupid in front of you, so rather than straight up talk to someone that doesn't even know pilipino sex live and look stupid doing it, they don't talk to them at all, and hope they get noticed eventually Maybe I should just generalize girls I never get that far before a girl finds a more handsome guy confusint What I tell you is what I mean I guess I'm more serious than the guy listed I give eveyone their due respect It's the opposite!

But we look weak, and become predictable if we show it. I can't get the people I'm interested in out of my head! I'd like to do something else! If you really wanna punish man to keep, talk to me about the problem!

I hate mind games LOL Your age is pretty aparent in your writing. It just takes a long time before we trust swinger personel. It could also be that guys are confusing guy is just gun shy from past rebuffs. How to be sure?

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guys are confusing Remove all uncertainty sre the equation. Make it clear you want him to ask you out on a date or be more committed to moving forward in the relationship, and see what happens. X sydney male massage to take more initiative and man up, and knowing them both, Guys are confusing had to explain he's 'just not that in to you.

The good guys end up not getting enough credit while the bad guys dominate their thoughts. Photo Credit: Erynn Christine Guys are confusing. This is quite possibly a man's most dreaded relationship status. Find out what's attractive to self-assured, well-adjusted men.